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Awful software, continual junk e-mail that when reported no activity is taken to block the sender

Awful software, continual junk e-mail that when reported no activity is taken to block the sender

Dreadful app, consistent spam that after reported no action is actually taken up stop the sender. I greatly believe the spam was Grindr supported as even as a subscribing user no actions nor reaction are taken on complaints

Tough homosexual application

Tough homosexual software. Don’t use they. Save your times. These include forbidding users randomly and wont provide factor. This might be a piece of $****t software. I became blocked with no reasons except turning down men that had gotten butthurt. Avoid this hit a brick wall software. Boycott this scummy application.

grindr was complete cons I a€¦

grindr are complete frauds i acquired blackmail on here by somebody we aware qrindr about this they certainly were maybe not curious to aid me whatsoever i’d never ever return on the website my personal guidance ward off

Grindr have zero trustworthy customera€¦

Grindr has actually zero dependable customer care, there’s no power over fake accounts or limitation on wide range of reports that are attached with an upwards target or contact number, constantly already been spamed by DM to external phony websites , users trying to find medicines or offering medications offered, and also other individual services for money, there are also users whom need Grindr to entice naive sufferers on to connecting on external software like KIK where naive chap is questioned to deliver XXX picture showing particular position these individuals then send right back snap-shot in the guys entire face book profile in addition to their contacts using risk to cover all of them 10k or their picture would be provided for everyone on their FB get in touch with listing. Grindr does not have any control of defense of and keeping customers safer in the software, you can find hardly any authentic guys on grindr but it’s ripe with lack of knowledge, discrimination, rudeness, and people just who showcase or don’t have a lot of respect or regard toward most of the real who are suffering this app, Grindr should do away with empty users and make putting face picture on visibility compulsory, and in addition ensureing that a profile isn’t remaining in complete.

There’s no customer support

There isn’t any customer care . They e-mail your when with measures to need for say a dangling telephone number(because you were dangling with no reasons before ) to help you write another account . The problem is acquiring them to get back along with you. When you perform whatever tips needed . Hate Grindr . Going lower and oriented indeed there Fast

Prohibited for no cause.

Blocked for no reasons. cant even making a new account. worst business actually ever

Please boycott

Please boycott i did sona€™t need because of the lockdown as suggested but was banned wona€™t state why or go back emails leta€™s all stop by using this garbage !they believe the homosexual area is an easy target might simply ban you and accuse you of anything only quit deploying it kindly

Utter trash you receive most spammera€¦

Utter garbage you receive most spammer emails offer gender treatments or suggesting to go to this website or that web site. Funny adequate you document all of them and admin do-nothing anybody would believe Grindr are in reality sending these links since they are attempting to make cash by encouraging other sites etc. lot of freaks on together2night this web site also nobody fulfills. Terrible app total waste of time ADMIN complete garbage I don’t believe they also are present if honest

Unpleasant Pigs

I’m therefore furious immediately I could only cry. The people on this subject app are pigs. Ignorant, ridiculous, gross and phony wastes of area!

The reasons why you might be questioning. Because men about this application is deluded. Coimpletely out of their minds.They will state the one thing following carry out the contrary. Spend some time acting like they offer a damn about yourself then often overlook your or block you. You act as honest, you try to be a decent, sincere person and then you have blocked or disregarded. The folks on right here enjoy video games. Which is every create and that I would like you to find out that your deserve a lot better than this time wasting trash. Your need to get liked.

Walking criminal activity corp Antigay software

Taking walks crime application. This application has massive violated crimes composed everywhere it warning to user don’t use this app caution definitely my personal evaluation have always been here to not ever incorporate but to warn you this software are a. Criminal bloodstream on there possession Re: A Walking criminal activity app. This application possess massive violated criminal activities composed throughout it caution to consumer avoid this software

we never ever regularly think being gay was actually aa€¦

we never always imagine are gay was actually a mental illness until we spent a couple of days on grindr now I’m not therefore yes. the be more of a fetish application then a gay dating website and rather genuinely its freaking revolting.. i cant embark on there without some weirdo hoping to get us to bring s*x along with his couch, or some other psychologically ill person desiring me to push these to eat their very own poop, or stop them when you look at the b*lls 400 times in twenty minutes and one which made me quit grindr permanently ended up being the guy in search of visitors to give made use of rubbers so he could freeze the c*m and put into his a**hole later.. that’s ill and f*cked up.. i am simply attempting to date some body causing all of us typical group must not need to be exposed to this stuffl.. perform your self a prefer and remove this app even though you nonetheless can cuz the thing you are going to see upon it is disorders and crazy people. like we stated we never ever believe are gay was actually a mental sickness but after discovering grindr I’m just not positive bout that anymore but a factor is obvious I’m able to understand why so many people believe that it is a mental sickness.. i mean god-damn simply carry on grindr for an hour and you will see just what I mean and exactly why visitors consider in this way.. if you’re looking for m*th, hiv, stds and outrageous people who want you to force these to consume their own poop then grindr is the application for your family



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